Best Doctor For Head And Neck Cancer In Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Best Doctor For Head And Neck Cancer In Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Cancers of the head and neck include cancers that start in several places in the head and throat, not including brain cancers or cancers of the eye.

These cancers can start :
● In the sinuses (the spaces around the nose on the inside of the skull) .
● Inside and behind the nose.
● In the mouth, including the tongue, the gums, and the roof of the mouth.
● In the back of the mouth and the throat (pharynx), which includes three sections called the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and hypopharynx.
● In the larynx (voice box).
● On the lips, although cancer on the lips is a type of skin cancer.
● In the glands that make saliva for the mouth, but those are relatively rare.
In the mouth, cancer can cause :
● A white or red sore that does not heal on the gums, tongue, or lining of the mouth.
● Swelling in the jaw.
● Unusual bleeding or pain in the mouth.
● A lump or thickening.
● Problems with dentures. Best Doctor For Head And Neck Cancer In Vashi, Navi Mumbai

At the back of the mouth (pharynx), cancer can cause :
● Trouble breathing or speaking.
● A lump or thickening.
● Trouble chewing or swallowing food.
● A feeling that something is caught in the throat.
● Pain in the throat that won’t go away.
● Pain or ringing in the ears or trouble hearing.
In the voice box (larynx), cancer can cause :
● Pain when swallowing.
● Ear pain.
In the sinuses and nasal cavity, cancer can cause :
● Blocked sinuses that don’t clear.
● Sinus infections that do not respond to treatment with antibiotics.
● Bleeding through the nose.
● Headaches.
● Pain and swelling around the eyes.
● Pain in the upper teeth.
● Problems with dentures.
You can lower your risk of getting head and neck cancer in several ways :
● Don’t smoke. If you smoke, quit. Quitting smoking lowers the risk for cancer.
● Don’t use smokeless tobacco products.
● Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.
● Talk to your doctor about HPV vaccination. The HPV vaccine can prevent new infections with the types of HPV that most often cause oropharyngeal and other cancers. Vaccination is recommended only for people at certain ages.

Thyroid Cancer

The thyroid gland (also called simply the thyroid) is located in front of the neck. It looks sort of like a butterfly with one wing on each side of the neck.

Some things that may make getting thyroid cancer more likely include :
● Getting too much radiation around the neck area, especially when you are young.
● Having certain genetic conditions inherited from parents.

Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer :

● A lump or swelling on the side of the neck is the most common symptom.
● Having trouble breathing.
● Having trouble swallowing.
● Having a hoarse voice. Best Doctor For Head And Neck Cancer In Vashi, Navi Mumbai